Monday, 9 September 2013

Hot, Steamy Sessions ... of Deep Conditioning

MMMMMmmm This is the feeling deep conditioning evokes within me! I absolutely love this step of my regimen. 

deep conditioning session

What is it? 

The name says it all. Deep conditioning is simply using a conditioning agent to penetrate the hair shaft providing the requisite nourishment to the strand making it stronger, moister, and/or more elastic. 

What's in it? 

A deep conditioning session may make use of moisture or protein based DEEP conditioners, or a combination of the two, depending on the particular needs of your hair. If your hair is damaged reach for a protein-based product, if it's dry and feels like straw, then it's moisture for you. Be aware that not all conditioners are made for the purpose of deep conditioning. Ensure that yours is a conditioner which is engineered to effectively increase in intensity with time or the addition of heat. Look for words such intense, penetrating, recovery, mask, deep moisturizing and so on. Rinse out (regular) conditioners are just that, and should not be used for deep conditioning as they are adsorped rather than absorbed by the strands. 

Why do it? 

For some reason, our hair seems to get the short end of the stick in life. For instance; our hair (and nails) are the last to get their share of nutrients from our bodies, it is negatively affected by too much contact with simple things such as sun, wind, air, our clothes and even our hands, and it is one of the first to be neglected when we're swamped with life. But alas, the deep conditioning process is here to remedy all ills...well almost. Deep conditioners return to our strands that which has been removed by everyday life, be it strength, moisture, or elasticity. Deep conditioners are formulated to replenish, revitalize and reconstruct our strands. 

How I do it! 

After my pre-poo and cleansing steps, comes my deep conditioning session. I never deep condition on hair that is dripping wet. After rinsing my shampoo, I 't-shirt dry' my hair to at least 50% before adding my deep conditioner. 

I am a mixologist of deep conditioners. I rarely use only a store-bought product in this step. I add oils, humectants, powders, water and even food, yes food, to my DC. I also tend to mix various deep conditioners together. Click here to see what store-bought deep conditioners I currently use.

I section my hair into 4 and do some further detangling if necessary. Then I make sub-sections and apply my deep conditioner as though doing a relaxer on virgin hair (root to tip or vice versa). Then I cover with saran wrap or a plastic cap and proceed to sit under a hooded dryer for at least 30 minutes and let my love potion do its thaang! The result? Soft, strong, shiny hair..."at the same damn time"! 

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